Personalized Primary Care Atlanta, LLC, Juliet Mavromatis, MD


In order to provide the personalized services and access features as described Personalized Primary Care Atlanta will limit membership in our practice to no more than 600 patients. Over time, we aim to provide scholarship care to 10% of our patient base and as such we will be open to Medicaid and indigent care. 

Annual Fee $1,150 per year 


*A family membership discount of 10% off the annual fee will be applied when more than one family member joins the practice.

*A corporate discount is also available. Contact us if you wish to explore this for your company’s employees.


What does the fee cover? 


Personalized care amenities and enhanced access for our patients.
Link to Medical Care and Values


The average primary care physician in the United States with a mature practice takes care of two to three thousand patients. With current shortages of primary care doctors and a projected increase in the numbers of patients entering the healthcare system, this ratio may worsen. Your annual fee enables us to take care of far fewer patients, which means more attention for you. Our fee does not go toward medical care and services that are covered by your health insurance, but toward providing you with more direct access to our practice and fostering a more personalized doctor-patient relationship.